new solid mounts for all type 3's 

a must have when installing that torque engine into your notchback, squareback or fastback 

100% made in the USA mounts were born out of necessity, all other air cooled Volkswagens were designed with a fixed rear suspension connected to the chassis 

on the type 3 models, the design though was to give the VW dealer easy of accessibility for servicing the complete engine & transmission out of the car in one swoop... 

thus the removable sub frame was incorporated 

while the stock design is great, the factory engine output at its highest was 54BHP and in today's applications simple daily driver type 3's can double or triple that 

this is where these sub frame mounts come in, due to the higher HP & Torque engine output, the sub frame can shift with stock rubber mounts, removing 100% control away from the driver in certain situations, solid mounts solve this 

factory parts book view shows which & where these mounts replace 

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  • Price: $230.00
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