AirMighty Megascene Aircooled Issue # 02 In this Issue CARS * Rometsch Special - you never seen so many Vintage Rometsches in one issue * Several of the best Resto-Look split buses from California * Old school Cal-Looker * Porsche 356 Beetle * The ultimate Baja * 'De Bugazon' en ground scraping in a Radical '53 Rat-Look oval SHOWS * We bring you to the one and only Big-In #35 * Irwindale Drag Race Action * O.C.T.O. Bus Show * Eat Dust at the Mexican Baja 1000 * 1st of May Beetle Treffen in Hannover Germany * IKW Budel in the Netherlands for a 3 day Rave ...and there's much more, you'll get 164 pages of AirMighty Megascene! AirMighty Megascene Aircooled Issue # 02
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