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  • Stage 1: Dismantle Completely, Body free of any parts, glass, upholstery, wires and detached from the pan if possible.
  • Stage 2: Sandblast, all rust and tight areas and or completely as necessary, this step is very important for estimating and building a clean solid base to work with. In some cases dipping the shell is recommended instead of sandblasting.
  • Stage 3: Rust repair, is the most important and most demanding phase of body restoration. Rust repair with N.O.S, used, after-market or hand made metal parts are a fact of just about any project. Your car is worked on by someone who is a VW Body Specialist, who can identify and repair key rust points. Click on picture to view rust !!!
  • Stage 4: Collision Repair, Front, Rear, Side, Top or Rollovers are not a problem for us or for you. If you really love your car, it can always be repaired, thanks to VW engineering. We help to ensure the well-being of the "family member" who lives in the garage.
  • Stage 5: Primer. Very important since this will be a new barrier sealing everything done through Stage 4. The primer coat is a reflection of what was done, and it becomes the new surface to be worked with until it is time to paint.
  • Stage 6: Prep to Paint, requiring a very patient and meticulous person to go over and over the work done by the body man until it's ready for the painter, who will turn the last surface into what will finally reflect all the work put into your car.
  • Stage 7: Painting. The body is fully inspected by the painter before he starts; only a VW specialist painter knows where your car needs paint the most.
  • Stage 8: Polishing. The body is fully inspected by the painter before he starts to sand the new paint, normally we apply 4 coats of paint and during the polishing process of sanding 2 to 3 different times with different grades of ultra fine wet sand paper, a coat of paint will be lost but when buffing begins, again using 3 different grades of polishing compound, the Glass Mirror Finish will reflect all the hours and intense meticulous labor.