Frequently Asked Questions: this page will answer most of the common eBay questions you might have or other bidders commonly ask about our Auctions

I won Multiple of your auctions on eBay, can we combine Multiple items together in one package to save on shipping?
We are always glad to help combine multiple items with your order to save you money on shipping, Multiple item winners are ultimately the smarter bidder, a true way to power buy! you save more time paying once and save money on a onetime shipment order and we save time, materials, packaging, shipping, tracking of multiple orders! ( again working for you ) all we ask is that you provide us with the always needed Auction Item Numbers so we can combine a weight total and get you a shipment total!

Are Your Auctions Guaranteed?
All of our eBay Auctions are insured up to $250 per transaction with one of the biggest names in the Auction Insurance Company's in business! Square Trade! We are an honorary Square Trade Member! this provides up to $250 of Insurance and Arbitration, Negotiation & Mediation services for every eBay transaction! You the bidder are protected against Fraud, Misrepresentation, and many other unscrupulous dealings that could happen within the online auction community, when you see a seller with the Square Trade logo you can feel confident that the seller is reputable & honest , providing you insurance against these types of issues and online trades in a reliable & timely fashion

( click here for more info about Square Trade )

What should I send in with my payment?
As more new bidders register on eBay this seems to be one of the most asked questions that we receive! everything you need is covered in the Congratulations Notice we send to every successful high bid winner! Depending on how your payment was made their is quite a few different steps that need to be covered before sending in your payment, however with these basics you will insure a smooth transaction by including the following, Always include ALL relevant auction numbers with ALL payments & e-mail's, this helps us get you your items out to you fast as possible, Always use your registered eBay e-mail address when inquiring about an eBay item if we cant see your registered user name on ebay we can not see the item in question you might have bid on!

( we can cross reference all eBay sales with your help for these 2 simple steps )

I made payment by check 7 days ago! I can see my check has cleared the Bank! where are my goods?
All items paid by check are held the standard 10 to 12 business days! no exceptions! we can not expend the manpower it would take to track every personal check for clearance, as 99.9% of most business hold items paid by check prior to shipment for a standard 10 to12 business days, the bank will contact the business within the allotted time frame to notify us of a invalid payment or problem check.

I missed your auction for a part I need! Can I purchase it from you directly?
most of our items we have more then one of in our inventory, items that do not sell or the reserve was not met usually get re-listed, one case is maybe you seen a completed item you are interested in, these are usually ready to be re-listed for sale again within 24-72hrs of the last auction end, your best chance of securing and item is using the buy it now option when its listed or contact us to see if it qualifies with our inventory as a re-listed item.

I am new to eBay an meant to Bid on the item at a lower price or I did not mean to use the Buy it Now option!
every successful completed item is a binding contract! however we understand that people make mistakes and once long ago also being a rookie eBayer ourselves, we can relate to some situations, we have the power to file the appropriate forms with eBay to recoup our listing fee's and we can within certain circumstances to mutually agree to forgo the transaction, this in no way harms or flags you or your account with eBay as a bad user, this form allows us to get our money back we spent to list the item and inform eBay we both walked away from the transaction mutually.

I live in California do I pay tax for eBay items?
Yes! everyone within California is a Taxpayer, eBay does not constitutes as wholesale ( even if you are a wholesale dealer purchasing online! ) all eBay items billed within California must pay 8.25% sales tax on the item price(s) as shipping is nontaxable, The tax rate of 8.25% is what is currently collected from us within Los Angles County, Tax rates varies from county to county, example neighboring Orange County is currently 7.75%