Online Catalog

1. How do I Search for Parts?

There are 2 simple ways to search for parts, The Search Box is located at the bottom end of our navigation panel and you may enter a part number complete or partial in the search box, many of you may have found our website by seeing our ads on Ebay or where many of our listing have a part number which you may use here in case you don't find the part you're looking for by first going to the catalog of your corresponding vehicle model and then choosing one of the 10 sections that you think you may find what you're looking for...most importantly, please contact us if you don't find what you're looking for.

2. What is a "Model Chart"?

Is what you see by clicking on CATALOGS button and once there you can choose type 1, 2 or 3...which will take you to the sub groups of that particular type, click on any number 0 to 9 and you'll see a list of the main items in that group

3. How do I select parts?

Mouse over each number bubble to see a larger image of part which the bubble points to, double click bubble to take you to the line item list bellow, where that number is located, once there you may click on the part number to take you to see more information about that part.

4. How do I view my Shopping Cart?

Just Click on "View Cart" located on upper right corner of every page and you'll find information on how to manage your cart

5. How, Where, why do I enter my personal information?

LOGIN button, first one top to bottom of our navigator, click it to enter your information and become a registered user, when logged in before you start shopping, you'll be able to see shipping options and prices during your shopping experience, when you get to final check out, you'll not need to enter any more info. just pay and go!

6. How do I select a Shipping Method?

UPS is default, choose Other Method, the page will refresh then choose USPS for example and the page will refresh again with your USPS options and prices

7. How do I select a Payment Method?

All your payment options will be listed in step 1 of 2 of the check out process towards the bottom of the page.

8. How do I complete my order?

After choosing the payment method, you'll enter checkout step 2 of 2 where you can review one last time your shipping options, billing and shipping info and payment method. At the bottom of the page you'll see a field in which you may enter notes regarding your order, any concerns, questions or special instructions can be enter there. We will contact you if we have any questions.Please be sure to review our TERMS OF SALE before making your order, please contact us email or phone 310 637 2100 if you have any questions.